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Life at Varologic

We believe is work /life balance and celebrate our life at work.

Varologic always aims in achieving the goal set by it. To achieve these goals, every employee here dedicatedly works in a team for gaining maximum productivity in fix working hours.

We also believe, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Along with high-quality work, employees’ enthusiastically participate in all the extra-curricular activities and events organized by the HR team.

Chaat Festival

Celebrating Chaat festival is always joyous and colorful. Once in a year, different fun-events are organized by HR Team where everyone participates with complete excitement

Birthday Celebration

At Varologic, we organize birthday celebration once in each month. Employees get together and organize interesting conversations followed with snacks and sweets and cake

8 Year of Varologic

Vikram Lashkari had laid foundation stone of Varologic on the auspicious day on 17th September, 2007. It was occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the year 2007 and coincidentally after 8th year it was again Ganesh Chaturthi on inception day. Everybody celebrated the event and prayed to Lord Ganesha to bless everybody with all prosperity and success

Get Together Party

At Varologic, we arrange get together parties which are always fun. We welcome healthy debates, conversations and opinions from every individual

Diwali Celebration

Every year at Varologic, we celebrate Diwali joyously and welcome New Year with a hope that with each coming day we all together climb the stairs towards success along with blessings of all mighty God

Performance Award

We gratefully acknowledge our employees’ for their sincere devotion towards their work. We believe an employee should be rewarded for his tireless effort, selfless determination and outstanding accomplishments which will keep motivating him for his individual growth as well as this will add to growth of organization as well

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